About Veterans Rehab


20 Years

We have been in the forefront of domain development and technologies since 1996

Veterans Rehab is a progressive and agile program and system for effective rehabilitation for todays Veterans.

Both physical and mental rehabilitation is needed for a vast number of veterans.

We are pushing the boundaries of using and creating new technologies that can measure results, create collaborative and safe environment with a network of professionals focused on the well being of todays Veterans.

Digital development for 20 years

Veterans need help and we have to be there when they need it.

The custom programs we create allow for greater individual growth of our Veterans while utilizing Virtual Reality, BioSensoring, Dietary Development and Management along with education that includes are amazing Military Degree program for memebers of our Veterans Rehab facility.

Using a well know estate location, Kessler Mansion, we bring together the right people and technology and programs that create personalized wellness development using technology, gamification, network effects and other strategies that help veterans in rehabilitiation.

16 veterans with 4 full time support staff on site occupy the 26,000 sq. ft private estate

We have partnered with leading edge scientists, professors, veterans and other professionals to build a world class veterans rehab facility and program.

Join us and inquire about our partnership programs.We seek to partner with existing and respected entrepreneurs/companies to help with operational, staffing and certification requirements.

Our partner network is growing and look forward to learning about other organizations and people doing amazing things that can impact our committement to supporting and getting our veterans 100% healthy.

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