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We understand how to help Veterans

Veterans Rehab is a progressive and agile program and system for the effective rehabilitation for today's veterans. Both physical and mental rehabilitation is needed for a vast number of veterans. We are pushing the boundaries of using and creating new technologies that can create and measure results, a collaborative and safe environment created through a network of professionals focused on the well being of today's veterans.

The custom programs we create allow for greater individual growth of our veterans while utilizing Virtual Reality, BioSensoring, Dietary Development and Management along with Education that includes an amazing Military Degree program for members of our Veterans Rehab facility. We are one of a kind and hope you consider learning more about Veterans Rehab, spreading the word or joining our network to support today's Veterans.

Our Services

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Customized Health Treatments

Personalized Health treatments include dietary analysis and customized food intake.

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Neuro and Psychological Services

Neological measurement with Virtual Reality engagement

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Education via Gamification

Education both in terms of symptom knowledge and other growth/career related programs and gamification structure to help prevent relapses.

Why Veterans Rehab?

What,Why and How


Veterans Rehab is a new and advanced rehabilitation programs using personalized health development in a networked and connected environmenent. 16 veterans with 4 full time support staff on site occupy the 26,000 sq. ft private estate allowing the veterans as well as the Growth & Wellness professionals plenty of room and the opportunity to grow alongside the veterans.


Today's veterans are taking their lives every 30 minutes, veterans who risked life and limb for our protection and freedom. We believe we can do better utilizing our ability to put people and programs together that can create, measure and deliver results. We have to try and make a difference by utilizing our resources.Veterans Rehab is our current venture focus.


Using a well-known estate location, Kessler Mansion, we bring together the right people,technology and programs that create personalized wellness development using technology, gamification, network effects and other strategies that help veterans in rehabilitation.

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